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FitDynamics is a 21st century Health and Fitness business specializing in Total Fitness. We believe that true fitness is a convergence of mind, body and spirit. In order to reach optimum levels of wellness, fitness and or performance there must be a unified approach to training, workouts and lifestyle embodying these three concepts. We strive to give equal importance to the mind/body/spirit ideal.

For without just one component of this 'triangle' it would be difficult, if not impossible to achieve maximum and lasting levels of wellness, fitness or performance. Our basic training concepts are: full range of motion and functional exercises i.e., closed chain and compound movements are paramount and form the backbone of any quality workout. Intensity and focus is key to achieving the mind/spirit connection, and success in resistance training or in ANY endeavor.

We also believe that resistance training, strength training shows a person how to engage their whole being- mind and physical self- by first understanding movement, and then engaging the body in a systematic and planned approach. Thru proper instruction and education we teach people to move beyond just pushing, pulling, pressing, squatting, lifting weights or otherwise mindlessly struggling with something that is heavy or hard to move.

We strive to show and take the client into workouts that pay close attention to body position and exercise set-up. Emphasizing stabilization throughout the movement as the client focuses on exerting force via muscular contraction and moving the body in a safe, integrated and coordinated manner.

We, at FitDynamics, know that by paying close attention to the basics of proper and sound training based on safe biomechanical standards and science, and by keeping a commitment to a methodology that comes from a clarity and certainty that are backed by facts, that we can take you to new and higher levels of wellness, fitness and performance. THAT is our goal, THAT is our promise.

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