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I'm Carlos Johnson, Founder of FitDynamics. Here's a quick summary of my skill sets, background and philosphy. 

  •  I’m certified through the American Council on Exercise.

  •  I have CPR and AED training.

  •  I have 27 years experience in weight training including bodybuilding, powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

  •  I have been a competitive swimmer from age group into Jr. college. 

  •  I have 25 years experience in competitive cycling, road and track competing at the national level as well the district (local) level. 

These experiences armed me with an awareness, and an understanding that you can take the strength and power from weight training and integrate them with other sports and activities giving you an ‘edge’ in recovery, speed, endurance, neuromuscular efficiency and focus.

That's the short story.... if you'd like to know more about me, PLEASE click here



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